Sunday, 28 December 2014

Facebook Pending Sent Friends Requests Removal User Script

Facebook Pending Sent Friends Requests Removal

We were all tired up with frequent blockage of sending friend requests on Facebook... The social network punished the users by blocking friend requests for sure amount of your time did not showed interest to make users to manage their sent friend requests... I actually have seen many user getting blocked for over three months for sending to many friend requests... If we've a list that shows all pending friend requests, we are able to simply cancel all pending sent friend request for those that didn’t care to respond to your request...

Moreover cancelling each and every sent request will take lot of your time... So the simple and best solution is to download this user script... By installing this script you will be able to remove all pending friend requests on single click... This will save your lot of time and also protect your account from being blocked from sending friend requests...

I've also hosted this project on GitHub. You can get more detail there...

For Firefox, Google Chrome and related:
For Opera:


  1. not working with me
    the program out and not write finish
    can help me ?