Monday, 20 January 2014

Visual Studio Express 2012

Visual Studio Express 2012  Free download

Using Visual Studio Express tools, you can easily build another great apps for Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft windows Phone, and also the web... The Ideal thing about them? They’re completely free...

That speaks your best language:

Develop in any Microsoft native  windows language including C#, VB. Net, and C++... Lengthen your aims with service for Microsoft windows 8 desktop, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft windows Forms (WinForms), and Win32... Whatever you decide to choose, you’ll find an array of controls, frameworks, and client technologies to support your development...

Build great applications by design:

Visually develop your software with brand new designers intended for XAML... You’ll be able to success quicker with full feature help for structure, data-binding, along with template editing. You can also create Window 8 applications and make the most of full IntelliSense help for editing XAML...

Get everyday jobs done quicker:

How is it possible to speed up your work? By taking your favorite tools at your fingertips and any devices close by... With a new UI, you will navigate through the code quicker, find common tasks quicker, and save time with almost anything...

Connect devices with ongoing services:

Connect your current app on the cloud with APIs that make it simpler to be able to integrate ongoing services... Or strike out on your own and use Visual Studio Professional 2012 to make your very own services rather...

Write code, Leave the rest to us:

Move your current development process on the cloud with Team Foundation Service, dramatically losing infrastructure repair and easily connecting to be able to providers along with external teams... With Crew Foundation Support, your code is obviously safely maintained and readily available...

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Windows 7 | 8 + 64bit
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Jan 20, 2014


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